Signs That Your Ex Still Loves You – Get Him Back With These Signs


It is never an easy task to completely let go of someone you once shared so many beautiful memories with. It is also never easy to forget all the good times you both had thus, when an opportunity comes to fix what you had before, to go back to the pleasure you enjoyed, you will be willing to take it with both hands. There are signs your ex will drop by way of hints which will tell if he still loves you and you can use these signs to get him back.

Your ex might still be into you just as much as you are into him thus, you shouldn’t be quick to write off these signs but be careful in picking them up and taking them to mean that he is ready to build the broken walls of your relationship. This is the reason why you have to be as observant as possible, let your attention be on him now more than ever so you can get the hint when he drops it.

The very first sign you need to look out for,

How To Make Your Ex Love You Again – Learn These Secrets And He Will Stay With You Forever


Getting someone to love you again is a whole different ball game entirely from getting someone to just come back into your life. This is because love is a feeling that is nurtured by the person who chooses to love and it isn’t meant to be forced down the person’s throat because someone else needs it. So back to the question asked; how to make my ex-lover love me again and what are the secrets you will need to know to make him stay with you forever.

To make him love you again, you have to remember exactly what he loves about you, you have to know the qualities you possessed that made you completely irresistible to him. For someone to say they love you, then there must be something that they see in you that sets that love on fire. So in order for you to get him to love you back, you will have to do all of those things that made him fall in love with you in the first place. Get your ex to remember all that

Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Interpretation Of The Metaphors


This was a film that I had already heard about due to the book being so popular, and although I did plan to read the book, I didn’t get round to it in the end. However, from what people had said about the book, it sounded like something that I would enjoy writing about.

Now that I have watched the film, I would say that there is a more to this story than meets the eye. Based on my perspective, the film looks at what can happen when someone doesn’t get the help they need after they have experienced trauma.

These psychological aspects and metaphors that I talk about from the film are based on my own interpretation. They are in no way the right or only interpretation; they are just my view.

This will mean that I will miss out certain parts and only describe what stood out for me and what I felt was significant. There will also be parts that I didn’t understand and that will also be a reason as to why it has not been mentioned. This will also mean that it will not be like a story board

Skin Care Tips

There’s a good chance that taking better care of your health and fitness is on the list of your New Year’s resolutions.  It’s a new year and time for a fresh start.  While you might be tempted to join a gym and purge your pantry, don’t neglect your skin – it’s largest organ in your body.  Skincare should be included in your new regime of health and fitness.  Follow these basic tips for rejuvenating your skin and bringing back that clean, youthful glow that you deserve.

  • The number one element you skin needs is hydration.  Drinking at least three to four glasses of water a day will maintain the needed hydration for your skin and keep tiny wrinkles as well as dry, flakey surfaces at bay.  Do know that both alcohol and coffee serve to dehydrate the skin. Limit your coffee and alcohol intake to one serving per day.  Sweet, sugar laden soft drinks and flavor pouches will add pounds but not the needed hydration.
  • Select a quality cleanser that is gentle enough on your skin to be used on a daily basis. Some of the more advanced products on the market is Skin Perfecting Foam

7 Tips to Becoming a Love Magnet

We all want love. We see evidence of this when we engage in relationships, make babies, build a happy home and career, when we do good work and make great art. These are all ways we choose to create and express more love around us and within us.

In our matchmaking program The Good Love™ for Singles, we explore becoming a “love magnet” to magnify the chances of attracting one’s Soulmate. Here are 7 ways to become that magnet for strong, healthy love in your romantic and platonic relationships…

#1 Confidence – Healthy confidence is attractive. Confidence is sexy. However, unless we’re confident at all times, how do we get there? Remember your excellence. We all have excellence within us…. more than our outfits and our cars. Deeper than this is our excellence within. Our ability to genuinely exude love, understanding, responsibility, peace, care, patience, grace, hope, etc for ourselves and others – is living our excellence. When we live in our excellence, we are confident.

#2 Amplify the Positive – See the good in others, and when it’s difficult to do so remember that we are all one – experiencing life’s ups and downs, so give them a pass. Bring positivity to

Great Relationships Embrace We Time and Me Time

While still single, Emily discovered something important about marriage. She had heard the part about two becoming one. The eye-opener for her was learning how to remain a vibrant individual while being a relationship partner.

When she wasn’t involved with a man, Emily spent her free time skiing, playing tennis, taking an art class, or relaxing at a beach. She joined women friends for dinner, a movie, or a play. She was happy.

Her joie de vivre would soon attract a new boyfriend. She expected each relationship to last forever. Once she felt they were a couple, she arranged her life to revolve around him. If he liked to run she shopped with him for a pair of running shoes for herself. She dropped her separate activities and picked up his.

Emily would become dull. The guy would lose interest in her. Bereft over the break-up for some time, she would finally start to refill the empty shell she had become with rejuvenating activities.

Again, she sparkled. Her aliveness would draw in her next boyfriend, and the process would then repeat itself; she would lose her vitality, and the relationship.

Emily finally recognized her self-defeating pattern. She understood she needed to balance “togetherness” with

How To Fix A Broken Relationship After Cheating – Regardless Of What Happened, You Can Still Get Him Back

Betrayal is a very hurtful feeling that can change the dynamics of any relationship or partnership. This is because the moment one party gets hurt by the infidelity of the other; trust can no longer be guaranteed. A relationship without trust is like a relationship without life. So, how do you fix a broken relationship after cheating regardless of what happened? Can you still get him back? The answer to the questions above is an emphatic yes.

You can get your ex back regardless of what happened in the past by first taking the path of forgiveness. It isn’t clear who cheated from the topic of the article but, irrespective of who committed the act of betrayal, forgiveness is an essential key to reconciliation. You must be ready to forgive yourself (if you cheated) and be ready to forgive your ex (if he cheated). Forgiveness is the first aspect to rebuilding what was broken on the altar of betrayal because if you can forgive the wrong that was done to you and overlook what occurred, then you can say that you are on the path to fully gaining confidence with your ex again.

As much as it will hurt you going back

How to Attract a Healthy Relationship

Do you keep attracting narcissistic or emotionally unavailable partners? You CAN learn to attract a healthy partner!


Have you found yourself continually attracting the same kind of unhealthy person into your life, such as people who are narcissistic or emotionally unavailable? This is the situation Connie finds herself in.

“As a child of narcissists, I’ve struggled for decades. My attraction to men, since the age of 14, has been to narcissists and sociopaths. I thought it was love, but really I was seeking approval. I have been healing for many years, yet as a highly sensitive person with this history, I know I may always be vulnerable. The catch is evaluating someone new with a level head, and making sound decisions before falling ‘blindly’ in love. What are your thoughts to attract a healthy love relationship that is not based on dependency or approval?”

Many people tend to be attracted to people who are similar to one or both of their parents. Their ego wounded self says, “If I can get a person like my mom or dad to love me, then I will be okay.” The problem is that there are three different lies in this statement:

  1. You

I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back What Do I Do – Use These Tips

Your past relationship must have really made a huge impact in you which explain why you would want to get it back at all cost. There is nothing wrong with getting your ex back in your life if you choose to but you need to know exactly what to do first, how to do it and when to do it as these are crucial aspects that will go a long way in determining if your goal can be achieved or not. Doing this the right way is what you need to focus on because it isn’t enough for you to just do, but it is important that you do it rightly as only the right way will determine positive results.

You want to get your ex back and you are wondering what it is you have to do to get this done, well, you will need to take the points you are given here seriously to ensure maximum results. There is nothing you want that you cannot get so do not be troubled to the point of becoming desperate. Just relax and make god use of the points that will be shared with you here and enjoy the results that come

How Do I Get My Ex To Want Me Back – Easy Approaches To Use In Getting Him Back

Getting someone to love or want you back is not as easy as it seems as; it will require you getting his full attention again. You will need to start anew with your ex once again as this time represents a new era in your lives. So how do you get your ex back? What are the easy approaches to use in getting him back in your life? Before you get to the approaches it is imperative you understand how it works when trying to get your ex to want you back.

There is a thin line between love and hatred, a break up and the speed with which a once sweet relationship ends is proof that love can become hate when issues arise between two or more people. Thus in order for you to reach out to your ex, make him want to want you, make him want to come back, you would need to turn whatever kind of disaffection he might have for you to affection. First get rid of whatever trace of hate or anger he might have for you so you can build your new relationship on affection, love and trust. When you remove every trace of

Are You Unintentionally Disrespecting Your Man?

Imagine this scenario: You and your man are out to a restaurant with friends. The food is good, drinks are flowing and the conversation is lively. Everyone is having a good time. Your friend’s man reaches for the salt and accidentally knocks her drink over, spilling it on the table and in her lap.

“Watch what you’re doing!” she shouts, jumping up from her seat and brushing the ice from her pants. “You’re so clumsy.”

“Honey, I’m sorry,” he says, attempting to blot the liquid from the table and handling her some dry napkins. “I didn’t realize –“

“Just stop!” she snaps, cutting him off and grabbing the napkins with a sigh and roll of her eyes. “I’ll do it.”

Meanwhile, you and your other friends exchange empathetic glances with her man as he returns to his seat, dejected, waiting for the storm to pass.
Does this scene sound familiar? Hopefully not! But in far too many cases, people have been, or know someone who has been, in a similar situation.

You would expect women to know that doing things like rolling their eyes; criticizing their man in public; calling him names and being sarcastic are examples of blatant disrespect, but there are a host